Wake Up With The Full Game Of 1993 Rock n Jock Basketball

Was there anything better than Rock n Jock basketball in the early-mid 1990s? No. There wasn't. You had it all. You had hoop stars. You had the Phoenix gorilla. You had stars from movies and music playing hoops. You had the greatest shot in hoops history worth more than 20 points! You had Kelly Kapowski! Of course she rocked 10 too. A great hoops number. Quick rankings of hoop numbers:

1. 22

2. 15

3. 3

4. 10

5. 2

 Was there any better name matchup than Bricklayers vs Violators too? Nope. Good news is if you like this, Barstool TGIF is back tonight - the new show hosted by me and Clem. We'll be talking through every Rock n Jock with KFC and Trill Withers.