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Joe Burrow's Day As The No. 1 Pick - Leading The Pledge Of Allegiance At His Mom's School And A 'Once In A Lifetime Night' With His Girlfriend

What a day for Joe Burrow. The man is arriving to save the Bengals franchise, a franchise just 2 hours away from his hometown. He reached the dream of winning a Heisman, winning the national title and then going No. 1 overall. Pretty good day. Not to mention he starts the day wearing a FIRE Super Mario sweatshirt, even if he's too young to really appreciate Super Mario. But what does he do? Leads the pledge of allegiance at his mom's school. Just being a good old fashioned A+ son. 

Seems normal right. 100% But then (h/t WCPO) I saw this. His girlfriend guaranteeing him a once in a lifetime night. 

So congrats to Joe Burrow. I look forward to seeing you at MLTs on a Friday night in the offseason. Burrow is 100% a MLTs guy - if you're in Cincinnati you know. Right behind that would be Tin Roof, Igby's and then RP's. I'll say this - it's a pretty perfect fit in Cincinnati. Again, I'm not a Bengals fan, but if AJ Green is healthy they can line up similar type WRs to what he had at LSU with a pass catching RB out of the backfield.