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Would You Take Roger Goodell's Personality If It Meant You Got His Paycheck?

Let's say that a genie comes to you right now. He's a weird genie, you don't get wishes, just an offer. The offer is that you make 40 million dollars a year, or whatever it is that Roger Goodell makes now, but the kicker is that you have to take his personality too. It's like trading a superstar under the condition they also take on a player with a shit contract. You don't even have to be universally hated or anything, you just have to function like he does. Do you take it?

On the one hand, you make 40 million dollars a year. That part is pretty good.

On the other hand, when people are in your presence they want to punch you in the face and they're not entirely sure why. The feelings you evoke are the same ones a middle school nerd evokes when he sees a bully in the hallway: you make him feel uncomfortable with your weirdness, and for that he must cause you physical harm. You make them feel awkward just by being you so now they have to hate you. You interact with regular people with less confidence than a prisoner of war does with a camera. Your charisma trades at a lower price than oil (idk if that comment is still relevant). You project zero confidence, your body moves like you have control over it via a shoddy internet connection. When you conversate with people at parties their eyes dart around the room looking for help, like the flailing hands of a drowning person, and they fantasize about eating their martini glass just to escape. 

But, you've got the 40 million dollars a year.

Is that a trade you make? I wouldn't in ten billion years. I'd rather be legitimately homeless than have hundreds of millions of dollars if it meant I'd have to have Roger Goodell's personality, but I'm not sure if that makes me crazy.