Kliff Kingsbury's New Girlfriend Is a FOREST FIRE

And before we get to her, here is a HUGE reminder that Episode II of the SMASH HIT late show "Barstool At Night" Is live immediately after Barstool's NFL Draft steam!!!  You do NOT want to miss this! 

Here's a really quick rundown if you missed episode I:

1. it's a Barstool recap show - as in we break down the 3 biggest videos and 3 biggest blogs of the prior week with a new Barstool character every episode

2. we have a segment called "Are You Smarter Than WSD?" in which I go head to head against our guest host in a 5 question trivia game. Can be anything from sports, to history, to geography to anything and everything in between. Tune in on Periscope and YouTube at the links in the tweet below!!!

But let us get to the real brass tacks. Kliff Kingsbury's new girlfriend is a goddamn ROCKET!  

Out with the old (Holly Sanders)...

In with the new (Renee Estrella):