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Dave Gettleman Said He Drafted Andrew Thomas After Watching Him vs Josh Allen 'Who He Loves' - The Same Josh Allen He Had A Chance To Draft But Didn't Because He's An Idiot

What. The. Fuck. This tweet just ruined my night. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Andrew Thomas pick. Would have loved to trade down and preferred a couple other tackles over Thomas, but it wasn't the worst pick. It was better than taking Derrick Brown, I'll say that.

But this goes back to last year. I know Clem is leading the DanWagon. I know Tommy Smokes blogged today that a year ago he was wrong. FUCK THAT. I was right. They never should have taken Danny Dimes at No. 6. I'll stand by that and if he wins a Super Bowl I'll gladly be called an idiot. Why? 

Because Josh Allen was available! You had two picks in the top-17 last year and you took Daniel Jones at 6 and Dexter Lawrence at 17! A run stuffer at 17 in a passing league. You could have had the best defender available for a defense that fucking sucks. You had Eli under contract for another year no matter what. Daniel Jones was fine, but Josh Allen made 100% more sense. Josh Allen will be better longer. Josh Allen was the fucking pick and everyone knew it. You could have used 17 for a QB or stocked up elsewhere and used this year pick 4 for a QB. 

Fucking Gettleman. Nobody outside of James Dolan has pissed me off more than him as my teams. I don't know, start drafting Wake DB's because they looked fucking good against Daniel Jones. Should have drafted Josh Allen. SHOULD HAVE DRAFTED JOSH ALLEN. Goddamnit.