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FILM ROOM: What 1st Round Pick Had The Better Draft Day Hoops Mixtape - Mekhi Becton or Henry Ruggs?

We got a couple of hoops mixtapes to breakdown here. Mekhi Becton vs Henry Ruggs. Lemme tell ya, I know Ruggs literally jumps off the screen with that dunk, but I got a sweet spot for my guy Becton here. If you played high school basketball you know exactly about Becton. Why? Because you 100% played against or with the football player that wanted to play hoops. Now, Becton is better than most just by his ability to dunk and finish around the rim. But you know what those football players look like out there. They use all 5 fouls, typically pretty quickly. They grab a bunch of rebounds, set a bunch of illegal picks and end up with a stat line of like 6 points, 3-for-7 from the field, 8 rebounds, 5 fouls, 4 turnovers. 

Then you have Henry Ruggs. Dude is a fucking freak athlete. 4.27 40. Can throw down this sort of dunk. Was the first WR off the board last night. Granted, this isn't high school basketball it's still a mixtape. Everyone knows the best mixtape highlights come from a gym like this. You're not sticking with him in any sort of transition. You have to hope in the halfcourt he can't dribble. 

So, who do you have? I'm leaning towards Becton.