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The Chargers Have Their QB Of The Future And He Is A Tall

I love this guy so much. Theoretically I would have loved Tua as well, but his injury history and the Charger's 29th ranked offensive line would have been a horrid mix for a developing QB. Herbert is tall, mobile, he has worked within a pro-style offense, and every analyst has agreed that he grew across the board every year in college. I think this year for LA will be one where he redshirts behind Taylor, who is a great mentor in my opinion. Taylor has a solid football IQ along with literally no ego, and I think he can teach Herbert a lot of the ropes to help him get acclimated to being an NFL starter next year when Taylor hits free agency. Besides, no point in throwing Herbert to the wolves this year behind a swiss cheese O-line this year. 

Hopefully, Telesco uses some of his draft capital to fix that problem this year and the next, which could potentially see a Russell Wilson sophomore year for Herbetwith LA's rapidly growing defensive unit? I'm not saying it, but many people are. He can roll out of the pocket with the pros, throw  on the run in either direction, and is way more athletic than people give him credit. All LA needs to do is put together an average offensive line and they are off to the races. He is also going to be a great teammate for his tall-ass receiving core, and can hopefully grow into a great locker room guy. LET'S RIDE BOLT FAM 

P.S. Imagine how fucking great he is going to look in the new jerseys. My god....