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Shams Just Put Adam Schefter And Every NFL Reporter On Notice

Dear God.....that's Shams music!!

I know you can't tell based on this tweet alone, but if you are watching this Draft while refreshing Twitter then you saw Shams come down from the clouds with the Tua pick pretty much before anyone else. Now, to be fair he didn't beat Jeff Howe from The Athletic 


but this is exactly what this draft needed. Poor Shams has to be going crazy with no NBA news to break during this hiatus. We're all waiting for the Shams/Woj bomb about the season coming back but with that news nowhere in sight he's getting into the NFL leak game. Remember, ESPN and NFL Network pretty much banned anyone from leaking picks and are actually being serious about it this itme. This has to KILL Schefty. We may see him say fuck it and go rogue which would make this night even better. A man has to protect his turf in a situation like this. My question is, does Woj get involved here? No way he's going to get Shams show him up and steal all the love from NBA Twitter. 

Sounds to me like we're about to have ourselves a source off with every insider on the planet trying to break draft picks. Give me the chaos.