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Pete Carroll Is Tweeting Out Clues to the Seahawks' Draft Plan

Pete Carroll has tweeted out five seemingly unrelated movie clips in the last few hours and says they contain hints as to who the Seahawks plan to take with their first round pick in tonight's NFL Draft.

Who knows if these actually mean anything or if it's just Crazy Pete doing what he does, but the commenters are going wild trying to figure out what any clues could possibly mean.

I love this. The NFL Draft is mostly just months of wild rumors and speculation anyway, so why not fan the flames and let everybody really go wild with just a few hours to go?

In's final mock draft, Seattle was projected to trade back with Green Bay and take Tennessee EDGE Darrell Taylor with its first round pick. Maybe a guy who "flies" off the edge and was classmates with Admiral Schofield? I guess we'll find out in just a little bit if these clues actually mean anything or if Carroll was just yanking everybody's chain.