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Does Anyone In This Draft Have A College Tape Like Devin Hester?

The 2020 NFL draft snuck up on me unlike any event in sports history. There's a host of factors to blame: quarantine, the Bears traded away their 1st, Carole Baskin is a fraud, there's no doubt about Joe Burrow going #1, blah blah blah. Just a bunch of shit that makes tonight objectively forgettable for Bears' fans and obviously it fucking blows. Being irrelevant always blows and the NFL draft is no different. So here's what I do to pass the time - I pull as much college footage from Devin Hester as possible. I break down all his running angles and MPH and a bunch of other hard data (or "stats"). I watch him run circles around Duke and UNC and the rest of the ACC basement dwellers. I chart missed tackles and double check net return yardage. Sometimes I'll even watch an entire 2005 Miami game in slow motion just to see for those bursts of speed that are harder to identify by the naked eye in real time. 

I do all this work year in and year out in hopes that I one day find someone with a fraction of the tape that Devin Hester put together at Miami but still no luck. Not in any of the drafts since have I seen anyone come even remotely close to his body of work. Sure there's some big time workout warriors but I'm talking live game action against Clemson or Florida that will make you rethink everything you know about kick returning. Where are those guys?

There's only one 

His name is Devin Hester and it's the best college tape of all time.