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GOOD NEWS: Turns Out The Italian Beef Guy From This Morning Is Not Dead

I know we got the NFL draft tonight but I wanted to update this story as it's been flying around Chicago social media like crazy. Absolute wild set of facts to start our day today with the rumor that a man died in Mt. Greenwood over an Italian beef. Speculation swirled over a variety of concerns: Does Pop's open that early on a Thursday? How was he able to post up during quarantine? Did the cops ever show up? People were coming out of the woodwork for an update without luck. 

And then the DM's started pouring in. Locals up and down Kedzie Avenue rallied to get the word out that tragedy was indeed avoided.

Turns out it was just your run of the mill average drunk guy who wanted to crush a beef and get some rest. We've all been there before - and even most of us to the point where we accidentally "fall asleep" somewhere inconvenient. Like a bush on your parents front lawn or the confessional booth at your local place of worship. In all cases tho it's about how you bounce back - not how you ended up there in the first place. 

That's why I'm back in line ordering the same beef tonight if I'm this guy. Just treat it like a blown save and get back on the mound with your best stuff. Few dozen cold ones and a wet beef and you're back in action my friend. That's a two bird promise.