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Move Of The Draft By Tristan Wirfs: Had His Mom Walk The Red Carpet In Front Of Their New House After Living In A Trailer Park Until He Was 5

Oh hell yeah, this is it. This is the A+ move you pull the day of the virtual draft. Does it help that he's projected to go to the Giants? Absolutely. I'm ready to declare all-in on Tristan Wirfs, even if I forget how to spell his name every time I write it. But when you live in a trailer park until you were 5 and then make your way up playing for Iowa football and are a projected top-10 pick? You have your mom walk a red carpet during a virtual draft. Not only that but shouts the mom with a #LFG shirt. I need her wearing Giants blue. 

Just a perfect move to pull when you're sitting at home with your mom though. You don't need to go to Vegas for this. Just go buy some red carpet and put it in your front yard. You're about to be a multi-millionaire, what are people going to say to you? 

An Iowa lineman that pulls this move and also can do this on the field? Yeah, sign me the hell up: