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An Infuriating Compilation Of Philadelphia Eagles Dropped Passes Taking You Into Draft Night

Listen. I understand that there should be some intrigue if Kenneth Murray is still on the board when it comes time for the Eagles to make their pick tonight. Howie Roseman is god awful at drafting linebackers as well as addressing the linebacker position in general. So if you have the chance to grab the best LB in the draft this year, it should obviously be a consideration. 

But I don't know how anybody can watch that video and not be flaming-pitchfork-in-hand furious if the Eagles don't take one of the receivers tonight. And not just any of the receivers. Howie needs to go full send here and he needs to figure out a way to get one of Ruggs/Jeudy/Lamb. Just be a legend, Howie. Say fuck everything else and just go for it. Personally I'd go in the order just laid out there but I'd be perfectly content with any of them. I just feel like this is a draft that is almost impossible to screw up. There are so many options for Howie to go with that will immediately make this team better. And my biggest fear is that this son of a bitch decides to overthink it and screw the whole thing up. 

Just turn off your brain and make a move. This city will burn to the ground if we have to watch another season with that many drops. Be a legend, Howie.