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Junior High Basketball Team Walks Off The Court After The Crowd Makes Fun OF Their Special Needs Cheerleader






Look I get what these kids were trying to do, and it’s commendable. Awesome to see the jock/”cool” kids standing up for a special needs kid getting made fun of by a bunch of assholes. But, D is a cheerleader. She wants to see the team succeed. I’m not sure how happy she is about a forfeit. You gotta have that killer instinct to go out there, hit a dagger, then run over to give those little punks a wedgie. Get in their face and roast the fuck out of them. Have D rub her pom poms in her face. That’s how you deal with a bully. If you run then they win. You think MJ or Kobe ever walked off the court because someone was mean to their friends? No shot. But still, I think the gesture itself is really nice and awesome.



PS – Middle school cheerleaders is weird, right? Feel like that’s asking for trouble.