So this tweet has been getting a little bit of love on Twitter today. But if I had a nickel for every rumor I heard from a Wharton grad about their billionaire classmate buying the Mets, I'd have enough money to buy a billion barrels of oil (*Based on that day when oil was selling for negative dollars because I'd only have a nickelt, but whatever). The only Wharton graduate I trust with my heart is Justin Tuck because all he did was deliver two Super Bowl championships against the greatest quarterback, coach, and sports dynasty we will ever see.

Man that was awesome. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Uncle Stevie is coming back to save us from quarantine!

I did as much journalism as I could trying to confirm this tweet and by journalism I mean I searched "Steve Cohen Mets" on Twitter and scrolled through a bunch of tweets until I there was nobody I could use as a second source. I didn't want to bother the source that gave me the tip that allowed me to break that the Cohen deal was dead because there have been so many flimsy reports the last few months and I didn't want to ask about every single one of them.


HOWEVAH, that source reach out to me on their own out of the blue just now to say the tweet is legit. Uncle Stevie is back in negotiations to buy the Mets for less than he originally offered for them because Jeff Wilpon is an idiot. A fucking idiot. Take it for what it's worth. But this is the same person that hopped in my DMs that fateful day a few months ago and told me the Cohen deal was off in the first place, which caused real reporters to dig for the story while figuring out a way to not credit Barstool for breaking it. 

I don't visit #ScoopCity often. But I feel like when I do, business gets done. I have to believe that despite whatever went down previously, Uncle Stevie has to be the most attractive option because a partnership like the one A-Rod and JLo would be forming with a bunch of rich dudes is not as stable to MLB as one super rich motherfucker that seems to be surviving the economic hell we are living in just fine.

Add in these tweets from a Mets "part owner" (I think we all know someone who fits that description) and I can't help but think Uncle Stevie is looking prettyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyyyy good right now.


I don't know what all this means or if there's a chance anything gets done considering we are living in this weird Upside Down world right now. But I feel like there is once again hope in Metsland, which can be seen two different ways, especially to Mets fans.

God, if you are real listening, please let this happen. You can keep the 2020 season for all I care. But please just let this happen.

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P.S. If this story is true and Uncle Stevie finally ascends to his throne as King Met, I am nominating Laura Goldman as our Khaleesi for playing the Tiki Barber role in these new rumors.

Bend the knee to your queen!