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99% Of FBS ADs Believe A Season Will Happen, But Arizona's AD Warns Fall Football Is Increasingly Unlikely

Let's start with the good news. 99% of FBS ADs believe we'll have college football this year. That's good news. 

Some other good news:

An SEC school is looking forward to having their students on campus in the fall. We've known for awhile now that without students on campus, we will not have a season. 

The third piece of good news:

Good!!! Goood!!! GOOOOOOD!!

Now, for the bad news portion of the blog. 

The "also a doctor" part did not make me feel good. 

SOURCE-"We are waiting to see what the NCAA does and what the Pac-12 does," Robbins said on "The Buckmaster Show" in Tucson, Arizona. "As much as I want it, it just seems as though, if we do play any football in the fall, it's going to be delayed. I've heard nothing. We're headed to May 1.

"My hope is that we are going to get some clarity on this very soon. It seems unlikely to me. I'd love to see it happen. But we are waiting every day to get some guidance."

The biggest domino to fall for college football is the Pac-12 in my opinion. We've seen the reports out of California for this entire quarantine. Health officials were suggesting sports won't return until Thanksgiving. If California cancels all sporting events through the fall, will the NCAA season be able to go forward? Would a season go on if the Pac-12 does not play? I would not. 

It appears to me the south is ready to rock and roll. Same goes for the mid-west. The northeast could be an issue, but there aren't as many teams up there. You'd really just need New York to okay Syracuse (upstate is doing better than NYC), Massachusetts to okay Boston College, and New Jersey to okay Rutgers. If that happens, then most Power 5's will be ready to play. After that, it will come down to the states in the Pac-12. 

I'm trying to pretend like I know what's going on, but in all reality, I don't. I'm just assuming the season will happen. If not, it'll be a miserable time, but we'll get through it. We could be dead.