Jay Cutler, World's Best Teammate, Bailed Out Brandon Marshall When He Needed $60K To Cover A Gambling Debt

That's MY quarterback. The most underappreciated and misunderstood QB in Bears history. Maybe he rubbed people the wrong way. Maybe people like Brian Urlacher, for example. This guy though, at his core, is a good dude. A leader. A guy who had his teammates back and was tough as nails. You need an emergency SIXTY GRAND because you're an idiot who let a Vegas trip get away from you...who ya gonna call? Jay Cutty. This story makes me even more sour at Brandon Marshall. When things gut tough for Jay in Chicago B-Marsh didn't exactly have his back. He'd say cryptic things like he was the only one with the balls to keep Cutler in check. Well what the fuck does that mean? Maybe be precise in your speech before you make Jay seem like a locker room cancer when he's actually the guy who ALWAYS had your back. Marshall even threw shade on IG years after the fact

Fuck that. Does Jay care about this? His brand would say no, so I will be mad for him. I prefer the Kyle Long narrative around my quarterback

CuttyForever. Miss him every day.