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Russell Wilson Reminds Us Of The Time Some Said He Wasn't Good Enough To Be An NFL QB

When I've been seeing "Tua is too short" talk, I oftentimes think back to Russell Wilson. It's not really a fair comparison, considering Tua will be a top 5 pick tonight and Russell went in the 3rd round. 

That being said, I will not listen to any "Tua is too small" comments. The days of QBs needing to be 6'4 are over. Russell Wilson and Drew Brees have proved that. 

Since 2012 (when Russell came into the league):

TDs: Drew Brees is #1, Russell is #5

Passer Rating: Drew Brees is #3, Russell is #6

Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt: Drew Brees is #3, Russell is #8

Game-Winning Drives: Russell is #1, Drew is #3

4th-Quarter Comebacks: Russell is #1, Drew is #3

Do not be afraid of height. Especially when guys have proved they can play or you may be the guy who thinks Josh Portis is a better prospect. 

P.s. Having these tweets saved is such a football guy move. Russell probably has those tweets as his screensaver.