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Marshawn Lynch Rode Around On His Golf Cart to Hand Out Masks to People In Oakland

Things you love to see: this right here.

Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure. His distrust of the media has often made him seem sort of out there and kept him outside the view of many fans, but he's an awesome guy. It was actually his birthday yesterday and he spent it riding around on a golf cart handing out masks to people to try to do whatever he can to help — a badass custom golf cart with "'Bout That Action" emblazoned on it, to be precise.

Luckily, he had prior experience driving a cart to aid in this mission.


And I guess someone really cynical could say that with everyone having a camera on them now that anything like this is a marketing opportunity, but I think you can tell Lynch was just out there trying to help people and do some good. What a cool gesture and awesome way to help people out.

Good for BeastMode.