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HUGE NEWS: Jussie Smollett's Countersuit Against Chicago PD Is DROPPED!!!

Is this a big deal in Chicago? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT IS!!!! Do I have a comment on it??? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DON'T!!!! Because that would make Editor in Chief Kmarko's head explode and I do NOT want to deal with any snide emails from him today. You can read the article and formulate your own opinions on that POS. 

But now that I got you on the phone, I'd like to direct your attention to me, WSD, noted gamer who has now won 2 of his last 6 games (2-4) in THRILLING fashion in MLB The Show since I "rage quit" against Smitty last week:

There's just nothing worst than losing to that deadbeat pasta slinger, but sadly, I've lost a lot to him since transitioning from speed pitch extraordinaire to gamer since quarantine has started. But my fortunes will change - I've hit about 10 dingers in my last 3 games. WSD learned how to hit....

.... uh oh!!!!