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Falcons HC Dan Quinn Will Be Drafting From a Lawn Chair

The big rage on Twitter the past couple days is seeing all the different setups from NFL general managers and head coaches in their home offices for this year's NFL Draft. They're generally pretty similar with a few negligible differences, but I suppose it's still fun to see your team's virtual war room.

But something about Falcons head coach Dan Quinn's office caught my eye: that is not an NFL Draft chair. It's camo, and I know he and Thomas Dimitroff do a lot of great work for the military and I appreciate that and I'm sure that chair means something to him. But that is not a six-hour chair. An occasion such as this calls for a luxury chair purchase if you didn't already own one. This is the perfect excuse to buy the best chair you'll ever own.

But the chair confirms what has been reported all week, which is that the Falcons are unlikely to be involved in tonight's Draft for very long. They apparently already had an offer for the No. 2 pick rejected by Washington, so they're looking to get as high in the round as they possibly can. Nobody picking at No. 16 is sitting in that chair.

Be sure to tune in to the Barstool #EnEffElDraft show tonight, presented by Mack Weldon and Bose. We'll be live for every pick with special guests throughout the night. It should be a lot of fun.