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Could This Potentially Be The Horniest NFL Draft Of All Time?

For the first time in the history of history, NFL GMs get to work from home for the NFL Draft. Now as mostly everybody in the nation has quickly been realizing over these past few weeks, there are no rules when you work from home. 

At any point in the day you can take a trip to the kitchen to peak into the fridge for a little snack. More often than not, there's nothing in the fridge for you to eat but that still doesn't stop you from checking anyway. You're not snacking because you're hungry, you're snacking because you're bored. 

At any point in the day you can plop yourself onto the couch for a quick 10 minute cat nap. Or if you only have a few minutes to spare, at any point in the day you can crack stick on the clock. 

You see, folks, the 2020 NFL Draft is potentially going to be the horniest draft of all time. Because at any point during this draft, one of these GMs could be scrolling through their Instagram feed and they come across a big ol' butt. That butt then triggers something in their brain to type "p" into the URL bar on their browser. Naturally, pornhub will be the first website to autofill. They do the math in their head. It's pick #12 and they still have at least 10 picks to go before their team is up. They have a solid grasp of which players will be taken off the board in the next few minutes and which players will still be available for them to take with their pick. So they have some time to kill, they're working from home, and they smash that enter button. A tale as old as time. 

What I'm the most interested for tonight isn't if the Eagles trade up to take one of the receivers or which team ends up taking Tua. What I'm the most interested in is which NFL GM forgets to close out of that pornhub tab on their browser when it's their time to make their pick and their draft room setup is broadcasted for all to see.