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The Only Person MJ Ever Thought He'd Lose To In 1-on-1? Kobe, Because 'He Steals All My Moves'

I don't know why, but I believe him. Perhaps it's the fact that Jordan might be the most skilled player we've ever seen. It might be the fact that Jordan is for sure the most competitive player we've ever seen. But we're also talking about 1-on-1. The advantages there? On ball defense and having a wide arsenal to score. One of things I somewhat forgot until rewatching the Last Dance was just how ridiculous Jordan's layup package is. We talk about his dunks and his midrange, his layup game might be the best part of his game. Dude could just hang and find different angles to get the ball up. 

It's also not a secret that Kobe mimicked Jordan: 

And yes, I know this is an old clip but it's going viral again and Jordan is quite literally the hottest topic in the news still. Let's not forget that CJ McCollum wants a 1-on-1 Tournament during All-Star weekend where you pick your opponent. That's what I'm here for. Imagine either Jordan or Kobe during that? They'd be fucking ruthless. The way I imagine it is a name gets drawn out of the hat - let's say it's Jordan. He'd get to say 'okay I want Isiah Thomas' and then they play to 15 or whatever. It'd be awesome. 

I was by no means a Kobe fan or Lakers fan, but I never understood why people knocked Kobe for wanting to be Jordan. Didn't anyone that age want to be Jordan? Shouldn't you mimic arguably the best player ever? Seems smart if you ask me. 

But back to the 1-on-1 Tournament present day. Let's just say it was the All-Stars from this past year. How would you rank them as favorites for a 1-on-1 Tournament. I think I'd go these guys as the top-10: 

1. Kawhi 

2. Giannis

3. LeBron

4. Harden

5. Anthony Davis

6. Joel Embiid

7. Luka Doncic

8. Brandon Ingram

9. Jimmy Butler

10. Pascal Siakam