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Joe Rogan Addresses The Haters Who Were Mad Online About His Stockpile Of Coronavirus Tests

And...controversy over. Joe Rogan isn't hoarding tests meant for hospital workers and/or the general public. It's some other kind of test. An antibody test which are everywhere, I guess. According to Joe. And you know what...

Jack Mac did a good job of breaking this down  when this story was gaining steam last week. When D'elia was on last week and kind of brazenly said that Rogan had tests and got them because he had the power to get them, as a joke, my ears perked up but I didn't look into it further because...I like Joe Rogan. I like him because he's the type of person who wouldn't do something like use his power and influence to snatch up tests for himself and his guests so his show could go on. He's a thoughtful, careful, and caring person. People suggesting that he would do something like this are people who haven't been paying attention to his podcast for the last I don't know...some 1000 episodes. It's weird to me that he seems to be getting more and more targeted by people on the internet. There wasn't an angry mob online like there was when he said he'd vote for Bernie Sanders, but it's becoming more and more frequent. I guess criticism always comes with success and popularity, but people also need to tell the truth or do some research before they get snarky and petty online because a comedian with a podcast who gives seemingly everyone a fair shake might not EXACTLY line up with your value system.