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Gary Payton Hated John Stockton Because He Looked At Him Like A Zombie And Would Knock His Ribs Out

(Starts around 11 minute mark)

You wanna talk about guys I could listen to talk forever? Gary Payton is one of them for sure. The man has stories for day plus he's one of the best, if not the greatest shit talker of all time. Hearing him talk about who he hated just put a smile on my face since we're all about 90s nostalgia right now (check out Barstool TGIF for this shameless plug). And I have to admit. It's NO surprise he fucking hated John Stockton.

John Stockton was one of the dirtiest motherfuckers to ever play the game and I love him. 

He was known for setting illegal picks, getting his elbows up, using his feet. He was also one of the smartest players ever. He went balls to the wall every play while doing that. He also looked like a math teacher who couldn't keep control of his class. I'll never forget this clip of him walking around Barcelona with people having no idea who he was: 


This was one of the best players in the NBA! He wasn't a nobody. But this is a perfect quote about Stockton by Payton. He refused to talk which you knew drove Payton insane right off the bat. You know Payton just wanted to talk shit and have a back and forth because he'd win that regardless. But the zombie look? Oh yeah, that's Stockton. Only then to have him bust your ass. 

PS: This is still the goofiest celebration ever