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Matt Haarms Proves You Simply Can't Trust Any Human That Willingly Chooses To Go To BYU Over Kentucky Or Texas Tech

And there it is. Matt Haarms - the biggest name on transfer market right now decided to go to BYU over Kentucky and Texas Tech. This started to become a thing last night after he talked to BYU's coaching staff last out of the group of three. That said, I simply can't trust Matt Haarms. Imagine willingly choosing BYU for a college destination. Imagine willingly choosing BYU hoops over Kentucky or Texas Tech. 

That's a crazy person. You know about BYU's rules, right? The same BYU that suspended its starting big and completely ruined its Jimmer team because he had sex with his girlfriend. That's it. He just didn't let it soak. He had sex. Imagine being a college basketball player and getting suspended for fucking! 


Not only are you dealing with no premarital sex, look at some of the other crazy honor code rules. No alcohol. No coffee. No tea. No swearing. No tobacco. Who the fuck wants to live a college life like that? That's all before we get into the whole basketball side of things. But then again look at this quote from Haarms. The dude is a wild card

Haarms biggest thing was wanting to play for a program that would help get him to the NBA or the most money playing overseas. Uhh, BYU doesn't exactly have that. You're talking about Coach Cal - the guy the best at putting players in the NBA or Chris Beard - a dude who turned Jarrett Culver and Zhaire Smith into lottery picks so far. Picking BYU over that is just asinine. It's not like he wasn't going to play at either Kentucky or Texas Tech either - he'd be playing at least 25 minutes per game. 

Oh and if you want to dance on Kentucky's grave? Go ahead. I'll laugh when a big time class of 2021 recruit reclassifies because of the NCAA adjusting rules for this year due to coronavirus, allowing reclassification to be easier. 

We're still a long way away from figuring out roster completion for next year's college hoops, so don't be surprised to see this starting to happen. But picking BYU for college? Yuck. Let's not forget that they are losing Yoeli Childs and TJ Haws too. They were an old team last year, it's not like he's joining a roster that's one guy away for its last run. Don't get me wrong, this is a great get for Mark Pope, but it just doesn't make a ton of sense for a grad transfer in Haarms here.