DeMarco Murray Expected To Sign With The Eagles This Afternoon



Load up on that Spray Tan, baby!   DeMarco’s in the house!  Sam Bradford’s former roommie at Oklahoma is expected to be an Eagle by sunset.  And I don’t even know if Sam Bradford will be on the team by then, either.

Sure, DeMarco’s yet another walking piece of glass Chip Kelly is adding to his china collection, but how can you not love it?  DeMarco Murray was the best RB in the game last year.  Period.  I know, I know, Dallas’ offensive line had a lot to do with his success, but when healthy, the Eagles OL is just as talented.  Combine that with a lower workload and Chip’s system that’s produced the top 2 offenses in Eagles history, DeMarco will be an absolute Thoroughbred for this team.

Also, if this goes down it wouldn’t be a pure wash with getting rid of LeSean McCoy.  Keep in mind Chip got Kiko Alonso is going to be a HUGE part of this team for years to come.  Trade away Shady, get a solid young LB in return, replace him with a RB as good and just might fit the system a little better.  The man may be a bullshitter but let’s give him some credit for what he’s doing.  Think about a 3-headed RB attack of Murray, Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles.   A downhill horse, a decent sized finesse back that can catch and a tiny shifty shit all coming at D during the course of a game.  Ying, yang and little wang.  That’s straight DANGEROUS.  Now feed me some WR’s, Chip.  (UPDATE: Ryan Matthews just agreed to his contract, didn’t sign.  But he is at the Novacare Complex right now…interesting.)

If this is one gigantic cocktease of a troll job to get the Cowboys to sign last minute then it’s just another pace taken towards the Walt Whitman bridge.  Cue the swan dive:

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