Washington DC Is the Highest Rated TV Market For the World Cup; New York 3rd, Boston 4th


CBS – Well, if there was any question as to the popularity of soccer in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. has spoken, registering as ESPN’s highest-rated television market during the USA-Ghana World Cup match Monday evening. D.C. delivered an 11.8 rating, according to ESPN, beating out New York City (10.2), Boston (10.0) and Columbus (8.9) and Baltimore (8.7). Norfolk, Va. registered a 7.8 rating. D.C. has led all television markets for matches on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC through the first 14 matches with a 5.0 overall rating, trailed by San Francisco (4.4), New York (4.1), Boston (3.8), Orlando (3.7) and Los Angeles (3.7), according to the report. That all sounds like a lot of people. Fortunately, most likely came away happy, as the U.S. nabbed a 2-1 victory after scoring in the 86th minute.


Can’t say I’m too surprised about this, DC knows good shit when it sees it. Have you seen the monuments? Things are straight fire. Drive by the Washington Monument at night and try not to get a chubby, you cannot. When it comes down to it, DC is the bees knees, and that’s why we are watching more soccer than anyone else, because we love America more than anyone else. So if America is playing in a soccer tournament, a curling tournament, a pogs tournament, or anything else, we’ll be there with big hats, bells, whistles, beers, and tater tots til the cows come home. Doesn’t matter than it was 150% humidity yesterday with chance of dying at 99% if you went outside, if the USA was on, everyone woulda been there. Every bar on every street was packed to the gills for the USA-Ghana game. Sunday won’t be any different. See all you patriots at Bracket Room. USA! USA! USA!