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Little Kid Schools The Great Roger Federer With A Nasty Lob Shot

TIME- In this viral clip, a young boy got a chance to play with Roger Federer—and win a point against him—during the BNP Paribas Showdown, an exhibition game between the Swiss player and Grigor Dmitrov of Bulgaria at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. The kid was able to keep up a rally with Federer, who has been ranked No. 1 in the world, and he won the point by lobbing the ball while the star was at the net—prompting loud cheers from the fans in the stands.



Alright so clearly Federer was taking it easy on this kid at the beginning.  Tossing him softballs and letting the kid actually have a chance. But that lob shot was nasty as fuck.  I don’t think Federer could’ve gotten to that if he really tried.  The kid couldn’t have placed that ball any more perfectly if he had 10,000 shots at it.  Just lobbed it up there with ease like he didn’t even know he was playing one of the best tennis players of all time in a packed arena.  Kid has stones.  He brought the crowd to their feet.  Not to mention tennis is super hard.  My buddy and I tired to play once at this place where it was three tennis courts in a row.  We ended up using all 3 tennis courts and ignored the out of bounds lines and we still barely were able to go back and for more than three twice.  It’s a sport that looks easy but is actually borderline impossible.  Although, at one point, my buddy hit the ball way over my head and it was gonna go in the street so I just tossed my racket straight up in the air and it actually hit the ball and saved it.  Still a top 10 moment of my life.


PS- Who is that kid and why did he get to play Roger?  Let me have a shot at him.