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Mask On, Fight On: Coach Duggs and Smokin' Hot Offense Leads USC to 49-37 Win at Colorado

Another night, another victory for Offensive Coordinator Gus Duggerton and the No. 5 USC Trojans. The high flyin' offense went into Boulder and departed with a 49-37 victory on Wednesday night.

The Chaz Kyle rollercoaster ride continued for USC, bringing both good things and bad.


As much praise as QB1 deserves, the play of the game actually came from the Trojans' backup running back, Tim London, who delivered an absolutely mammoth run towards the end zone late in the game.

Colorado would keep punching back, which led Coach Duggs with no other choice but to put his altitude mask back on, to the delight of the fans.


Instead of kneeling at the end, Coach Duggs found the end zone as time expired, which left him with 48 points. Rico Bosco then called in telling Coach Duggs NOT to go for the 50 burger, and luckily for him, the computer would not let him. USC would then settle for the 49-37 dub.

After taking care of business on the road, it's now time to look ahead for what will be a HUGE weekend on tap. A pair of colossal games on Friday and Saturday will really set the tone as Coach Duggs' lone season with USC hits the midway point.

Enjoy the NFL Draft tomorrow and we'll see you at The Coliseum on Friday night.