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Milan Lucic Just Bodied Ryan Kesler Once Again

So last night on the awesome Bruins stream, Lucic talked about Kesler's chirping and when warned he should be careful what he says Lucic replied "He's not even in the league anymore, fuck em"

Of course this stream got around the hockey world today (again, because it was awesome) and word reached Kesler. Like the lily-livered coward he is he didn't even say anything, just did a lame quote tweet with a mic drop of some random fan's words. F----- response, the kind of response you don't even have to reply to.


But Lucic didn't care that this is the kind of reply that you just smirk at and see they're scared to say anything themselves. Looch had to go and remind Kesler about 2011, but was certainly very kind and hoped the Keslers are staying safe.