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Joe Burrow Says He Could Drop 12 Points In An NBA Game And For Some Reason I Believe Him

Listen, I get it. On the surface it's utterly ridiculous to think with just one month preparation someone would go into an NBA game and drop at least 12 points. For a normal person like you or me? That's a negative infinity percent chance of ever happening. But for Joe Burrow? This Joe Burrow?

The same Joe Burrow who is on one of the best all time heaters sports has ever seen? I'm not ready to rule it out. You heard him, he'll simply stand in the corner and make threes. This isn't over a season, it's just one game. To put that into perspective, Al Horford averages 12 points a game and he stinks now! I might not know much but I do know it's never smart to bet against Joe Burrow in any sort of athletic endeavor. That's the type of franchise altering confidence you want to see our of the #1 pick. If I'm the Bengals I feel even better about taking Joe Burrow tomorrow after hearing that clip.

It's not like he doesn't have size either, the dude is 6'4. You put him in the corner and get him open looks he can get some shots off. It's not like he said something outrageous, he just has to make 4 threes. That's basically how every teammate LeBron has ever had makes a living. Just make open looks. There are players in the league right this second with way worse form that get lucky on any given night. 

Who's to say Burrow couldn't be Delly 2.0 for a night? Again, I'm not betting against Joe Burrow so if he wants to be another shooter off the Celts bench I'll gladly find him 5-10 minutes.