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That's A Good Bit!

Today for "That's A Good Bit," i'm going with the hilarious, Chris Redd. You may recognize him from being a current cast member on SNL. he's a talented, hilarious dude. I was first introduced to Chris early in 2017. I opened for him and was instantly drawn to his on stage persona. It was flawless and smooth. Another comic who kills effortlessly. He was cool as shit off stage, after the show my man got a few bottles for the comics at the club upstairs.(Grand Rapids, MI. Dr. Grins.) I always love going into a weekend of stand up with a comedian I've never meet and end up having the time if my life. 

  The way Chris tells stories with a unique charisma, it just makes you want to hang out with the guy. We ended up being friends that weekend and have done a couple shows since. I really like this set of his from "This Is Not Happening." It's another hilarious story and its a personal clip. This show really makes it feel like your in the room. So enjoy Chris Redd!

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Chris Redd's cousin came out of the closet in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.