Throwing It Back To Barstool Chicago vs. The USSSA Pride Professional Softball Team

Everyone needs their sports fix rn so I wanted to throw it back to the first summer we started Red Line Radio because not a lot of people saw this video when it originally came out. Long story short, we started working with the Chicago Bandits professional softball team a little bit and someway, somehow I challenged Jenny Finch to an at bat.  Me vs. her, straight up, for all of the pride in the world. 

The Bandits agreed, which was incredible. I then hit up twitter to see if any UIC players wanted to help me learn how to softball correctly and almost murdered one of them in the process:

No big deal, just a standard 110mph comebacker from about 45 feet away. Anyways, Jennie eventually backed out so I faced Kelsey Nunley who was an All American at Kentucky instead. The rest of the video can be seen below, and I'm of the opinion it is, to this very day, the best video we've put out for Red Line Radio or Barstool Chicago. Me trolling Jennie Finch will never not be funny to me

PS - I was shitfaced during the at bat or it would have been bombs away