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Steph Curry Responds To Maverick Carter Chirping About His Defense

You may have seen the clip go viral about Maverick Carter (LeBron's guy) talking shit about Steph's defense


Mind you, Maverick Carter is basically pulling a Skip Bayless here in terms of talking shit about Steph's defense and not being able to guard him at age 38. You see Maverick Carter averaged like 2 points in college and wasn't exactly LeBron in high school. Now nobody is saying Steph is an All NBA defender or anything crazy like that. We have eyes. But at the same time I wouldn't say he's this complete disaster either on that end. He turned into a decent enough defender starting in 2013 when he made his first All Star team. For example, Steph had the 9th highest defensive win shares among guards in the 2018-19 season. That was a jump from 48th the year before. In 2016-17 he had the 3rd highest defensive win share, in 2015 it was #1. He's not a complete negative on that end of the floor despite what people say about him. It's sort of similar to James Harden. He's another guy that made real strides on that end of the floor and the idea that he's a terrible defender just isn't true whether you look at the data or the eye test. 

While nobody is going to feel sorry for Curry that people continue to take shots at him, it's pretty clear the difference in his mentality compared to a certain former teammate. When your life is as good as Curry's is, you most definitely don't give a shit if people run their mouth about you online or on a podcast. How can you when you're the greatest shooter to ever live, have multiple MVPs and multiple titles. I guess they call this taking the high road which is refreshing to see from a Warrior. 

Part of me wishes Curry would be petty and give us all a sound bite, but that's not who he is. In today's world where everyone can be a keyboard warrior, Steph's approach as actually pretty commendable. I say that as someone who is told he sucks all the time on all the blogs he writes and on Twitter, you can't let that shit bother you. Maybe it did at first but now it's mostly whatever. I'm not trying to say I'm the Steph Curry of basketball blogs but we all deal with trolls every single day. Perhaps we need to be more like Steph and less like KD whenever someone talks shit. It would make life a lot less stressful.