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Oklahoma Man Arrested After Going to Faptown In a Walmart



Tulsa – A man was arrested in south Tulsa Saturday afternoon after multiple people told police he was allegedly masturbating inside a Walmart. Officers responded to an indecent exposure call at Walmart, 2019 E. 81st St., where they were told Derek Bennett, 26, exposed himself while in the store. Walmart surveillance footage indicated Bennett left the store and drove a gray Hyundai north on Lewis Avenue, and an officer pulled the car at the 7200 block of South Lewis Avenue after hearing about the complaint, an arrest report states. Police took two witnesses to the traffic stop, where they reportedly identified Bennett as the suspect, according to the report. A second look at Walmart surveillance footage by police showed Bennett removing his genitals from his pants and masturbating, officers said. Bennett then reportedly said he pulled out his genitals but thought no one saw him, according to the report. Bennett remains at the Tulsa Jail on $10,000 bond.

We see stories all the time about people jerkin it in public places. McDonalds, public library, and more often than not, Walmart. I’m always curious why they do it right then, right there. Like, yea, we all get the happy pants sometimes after seeing a sweet MILF in purple sweats at a Walmart, but you can tuck it into the belt loop and mosey on into the bathroom for a quick fap sesh. You don’t need to whip it out and start doing the strokedy dokedy in the home goods aisle. Now, as I said before, I don’t get why they do it, but I also don’t get HOW they do it. Zero stage fright whatsoever? How anyone has the courage to play the fiddlestick in front of other people is an incredible act of showmanship.