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Does America Still Have A Map Problem? Please Discuss.

Never hurts to run back the classics just like everyone else in quarantine. That said, a couple programming notes: 

1. Would

2. What a preposterous statistic. 1 out of 5 Americans can't find us on the map? And now I'm curious if that number has gone up or down since 2007. My gut says it's gone down because maps have continued to decline in popularity. Maybe not the most articulate answer but you can't argue that she wasn't moving in the right direction. I'll take substance over form any day of the week.

3. I also agree that education such as South Africa and places like the Iraq absolutely should help America and the Asian countries build up our future. 2-2 for the finer points so far. 

4. Another thing people don't want to talk about - Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 is still bringing heat 13 years later. Like yeah that was a horrific moment on live television but can you maintain this level of fitness into your early 30's? 

5. That's the tradeoff in life, and let there be no doubt Caite Upton still holds the cards because she's a smoke. Short of killing another human being, there's seldom a smoke can't bounce back from and that includes serving up the biggest and most disgusting world salad these eyes and ears have ever feasted on. Guys like me would get murdered on stage for that kind of behavior but Caite Upton parlays it into a reality TV career.