Akron Ohio Is On The Hunt For A Diabolical Poo Bandit Who Keeps Shitting On Everyon's Car

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The Frank Abignale of car pooping! You might get a glimpse, but you’ll never catch him.  I know it’s immature and, frankly, pretty gross… but I just can’t stop laughing at this dude. He just likes pooping on cars. That’s his thing. We all have our routines, ya know? When I get home from work I like to unwind by taking a shower then having a beer while I watch my Seinfeld hour before the Bruins come on. That’s what gets me through the day, knowing that alcohol, Seinfeld and hockey are waiting for me. This guy? What keeps him sane is the knowledge that once he clocks out, there are countless cars all over Akron just begging to be pooed on. He’s not the same, but he’s not all that different either. Just doing what makes him happy while he’s still on this spinning rock. Do your thing my man, keep leaving that calling card.