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Reporter Dodges Not One But TWO Falling Light Stands As Wind Causes Chaos Live On Air

Someone needs to upgrade Kristen Welker's Madden pocket awareness to 99 after this. Live on air for MSNBC and having to dodge not one but TWO TV Iight stands as they come crashing down because of some fierce winds. Some Final Destination type stuff here and she barely blinked. Barely even broke stride in reporting the rest of her story while avoiding certain death. Actually impressive. A pro's pro right there. I could see myself thwarting one of these light fixtures while the other drills me in the back of the head and knocks me out unconscious live on air, likely killing me. Someone like Daniel Jones stays in there with no idea the pocket is collapsing and takes the hit. Wes Welker probably invites the incoming concussion and takes them head on. Big props to Kristen Welker, probably moves her up to a first round grade tomorrow after this footage. 

Now for some weather bloopers