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Tom Holland Surprising Jimmy Kimmel's Son As Spider Man Is The Wholesome Content We Need

First of all, that's the wholesome content we need right now. Maybe it's because I've been stuck inside for 45+ days and don't remember what sunlight feels like on my skin but that made me emotional. Jimmy Kimmel's daughter exclaiming, "THAT is Peter Parker!" was absolutely adorable. One of the best things about being super rich and famous and connected like Kimmel has to be doing stuff like this for his kids. "Oh it's my son's birthday and he loves Spider Man? Let me just dial up Tom Holland and we'll make this the greatest birthday surprise of all time." Kimmel's son was so surprised he couldn't even speak. That's a successful Dad Mission.

Second, and this likely makes me an idiot, but I did not know that Tom Holland was British. NOT A CLUE. Holland is arguably one of the most famous people in the world right now and I just assumed he was American which is very American of me. Whoops. Tom Holland now joins Idris Elba on the List Of Actors I Just Assumed Were American Because Their American Accents Were So Good. I'll never forget the day I learned that Stringer Bell was from London. Stunning. I still kinda don't believe it if we're being honest.