These Post-Coronavirus Airplane Seat Renderings Are A Larger Gentleman's Dreams

Okay, the coronavirus finally has me smiling at something. And that something is these new airplane seat renderings. These folks at Avio Interiors are attempting to design your typical 3-seat clusters only for the middle seat to be facing the other way. That is gold Jerry, GOLD! 

Now at first glance I'm sure you average weighted people looked at that and thought to yourselves "Wow, would that really help against not spreading the virus more?" but I would bet my balls that any larger gentleman, much like myself, looked at that photo and instantly thought about how convenient that would be for us. 

Whenever I'm waiting to board the anxiety is through the roof for us wondering not only if the person next to us will also be large and in charge, but also you get that feeling of everyone staring you down thinking "If I get stuck next to this guy I'm emailing Delta for a refund" which is something you never want. And you can only imagine the pure emotion one feels when they're seated next to an empty seat... better than hitting a Game 7 walk-off dinger.


I can't stop thinking about how amazing it would be to turn to the person to the left of me and just give 'em a nice smile knowing there's already a peace treaty in place on the war on arm rests. So yeah, even if it wasn't coronavirus these planes should be in place. I am now pledging to my allegiance to whatever airline uses these renditions' rewards program. Don't tell anyone but I really hope it's Jetblue cause they're my favorite.