This Is The Single Most Relatable Workout Video On The Internet

That's it. That's the one. That video might only be 6 seconds long but it says everything I've ever wanted to say about working out. Because here's the thing, people will wax poetic for hours about the benefits of working out and how you'll look better and feel better, but what they don't tell you about are those little moments where the entire universe is working against you and your goal to be a healthy person. Some days the elastic band bites back and hits you with a throat punch. Some days you're gonna place the kettlebell directly onto your pinky toe. Some days you're gonna fall out of a yoga pose and the people below you will think an elephant is about to crash through their ceiling. That's the reality. 

The people who are ALREADY HEALTHY sing the praises of yoga and working with bands and kettlebells and oh my goodness it's all just so easy! I got the body of a Greek god just like that! Everyone should do it! It's propaganda is what it is. Especially now when people are stuck at home and are told, "Now is the perfect time to start! It's gonna be so fun!" It's not real.


This face right here 

The, "why the fuck am I even doing this? I'm gonna die some day anyway" face? That's real. That picture should be emailed to every person who is just starting to workout so they know what they're getting themselves into. I'm not saying people shouldn't work out, they probably should, but people should know that shit is gonna suck and it's gonna suck hard.