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Wake Up With Some Zion Dominance

Remember Zion? Boy was it fun watching him actually play basketball. That's one of the many reasons the NBA hiatus stinks out loud, we were just getting used to seeing Zion do ridiculous shit every night he played. After each game there was always some outrageous tweet by like ESPN Stats & Info about how Zion was the first to do this or youngest to do that. He may have only played like 19 games this year but they were about as exciting a 19 game stretch you can have to start your career. All those people who thought he would going to be a bust and was this fat out, of shape, overhyped player quickly learned how moronic that take was. 

I miss watching Zion. I miss trying to understand how a player with that size can have such a quick second jump. I miss the crowd going bananas whenever he does something awesome. It was all so much fun even if it was for only a short period of time. That's why I wanted to wake up with the reminder of Zion, because we were robbed of his stretch run and chase for that 8th seed. Stupid rona.