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Ronaldo Was A Damn Wild Card At Real Madrid: Threw Parties With Busloads Of Girls Showing Up And Openly Admitted He'd Bang His Teammate's Wife

I'm obsessed with soccer stories now. Sure, I love the game and miss watching it. But the stories that come from these guys are utterly fantastic. Every day there's some new rumor, some new smokeshow girlfriend or some ridiculous story coming out from the past. This one falls with well all of them. 

The original Ronaldo. This guy 

The dude was unbelievable, although Roberto Carlos always held a special place in my heart from those Brazil teams. But now? Now that might be changing because of these stories. While I played and watched soccer my entire life, I never really read the rumors or off the field shit until I started working at Barstool and searched for content every day. 

So with that in mind I'm ready to put this Ronaldo >>>> C. Ronaldo. I need the THIS LEAGUE stories to come out to go with greatness. Like, look at this quote. I can't stop laughing because every single guy has been on both sides here (sans the busloads of girls arriving to a house you're at) 

"I remember a birthday party at Ronaldo's house, which he later sold to Sergio Ramos, where buses full of girls began to arrive. I was with my wife and we decided to leave, as did Figo."

Not only that, but Ronaldo was just blatantly flirting with Figo's wife right in front of his face. Just flat out saying he'd give up partying to be fucking her: 

Accosted by the club president for partying too hard "like his friend Figo", Ronaldo jokingly replied: "If I had Figo's wife, I would stay home every night."

In fairness, Figo (one of my all time favorite players. Just an all-time name too) is married to a smoke Swedish model, who is now in her mid-40s. And yes, I understand it was a joke, but that's locker room talk 101 you don't say. You can't be out here saying that about a teammate's wife. 

I'm starting to think no one parties like soccer players. Fucking Ronaldo, man. What a legend. Dude was so filthy.