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If LeBron Is Using His Pawns To Create Mental Warfare Against The Warriors Like This Video, I'll Have No Choice But To Respect Him

Big time miss by not having the camera just directly on Draymond's face during this exchange. Would have been a peak this league moment if he started laughing or agreeing. I can't even knock Maverick Carter, he's right. Steph can shoot the fuck out of the ball (no duh). He actually is okay off the ball defensively because he knows how to gamble. That said, he does put out of place because of that and can screw up rotations. This part is for Jack Mac - the guy who doesn't think Klay is a top-40 player in the NBA. This is why Klay's numbers are a bit skewed. He has to guard the best opposing guard because of this. They try to hide Steph and Steph's gambles lead to broken rotations. Just watch how Klay has to play defense vs how Steph has to play on ball defense. It's glaring. 

I want to give LeBron/Maverick Carter credit here, but there's no way they pulled this off correctly. I'd like to think this was a little game of mental warfare. Get in the Warriors head. Try to drum up some drama with no one around, no one playing games. Just start the narrative that Klay and Draymond have to do too much defensively. You can 100% get into Draymond's head by saying this over and over again to him. 

Here's what I've always said about LeBron. He's obviously fucking awesome as a player. Combine his size, passing ability, defense, ability to score, it's insane. But he's damn near impossible to root for because of all the bullshit he does on/off the court. If he played into the villain role, which he's not cut out for like we saw in Miami, he'd be way more respected. Instead of going on IG and rapping and all that dumb shit, if he just consistently had people associated with him doing shows and backhand complimenting everyone I'd enjoy it. Especially since the Warriors are going to be back next year whenever hoops is back. It's going to be bullshit when they get the No. 1 pick.