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Have You Ever Seen A Shark Penis?

Hello friends.  I am aware that there is a small chance you woke up today and might NOT have been thinking about Elasmobranch reproductive organs, but I was!  If you are now thinking a little deeper about a Sharks twig and berries, you are in luck, because information on the subject is flying towards your face at this very second.  If you have a Y chromosome, reach down between your legs and feel around... the odds are that you probably have only one Penis.  Matter of fact, if you don't have one, stop reading this blog and go to the doctor OR to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum of freakshows because that's crazy, but anyways back to the topic.  Sharks have TWO penises that come out of their pelvic fin!  They are known as "Claspers" and they have to be durable!  Shark sex is extremely rough and consists of the male BITING THE SHIT out of the female (that's assault brotha) and twisting and turning to get his member inside of his lovely lady of choice.  Very violent!  During this violent exchange, a sexual organ could easily be damaged, so Mother Nature had the genius idea to provide the shark with a backup!  

You may be wondering if they have a "lucky" one? Or maybe a backup and a starter clasper, and that is a question that you are going to have to ask an individual shark.  Do they use one of them in a Taysom Hill change of pace, trick play type of manner?  Do certain sharks use one of their members with their main chick and the other one with their sidepiece?  Maybe Blacktips use the right one and Bull Sharks use the left more often, there is so much research to be done on the topic.  

Now is the point of the blog where I am going to show you some Shark mating footage.  These videos consist of two animals having sex.  Like literally this is going to be the equivalent of animal porn, so don't act like I didn't warn you.  Ok?  Alright here it is because I know you're going to want to see.

Shark Mating is actually super fascinating so here is more information.  I bet you didn't know they give birth to live young huh?  SO COOL!!!