Your Move Steven Cheah - Dickie V Is So Jazzed Up About Gronk He's Cannonballing Into Pools While Wearing All His Clothes

It's UNREAL baby! Dickie V checking in here with an ALL-TIME and I do mean an ALL-TIME tweet. Sure, we can talk about Gronk to the Bucs, but there are plenty of blogs about that. But now I do wonder if Steven Cheah is even the biggest Bucs fan out there. Sure he may have won some fancy online Twitter tournament, but did the Cheah Hive lead the way there? I don't see him jumping into a pool while wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt. 

I wish I was lying when I said I've watched this video 12 times. I just black out the words in the beginning because they are irrelevant here. The man did his version of a cannonball into a pool. Look at that air too! Dickie V getting some ups now that he's not on the Duke/UNC call. Putting some extra time in the weight room. It was one of the greatest twists and endings to a tweet these eyes have ever seen. 


I am howling at the first reply though

Legit concern for his knees. They could hav buckled. They aren't made for excitement like that unless he's calling a game. You're move, Steven Cheah.