Colin Cowherd's Top 10 NFL Players List Needs to Be Thrown In a Fire

Alright Colin, let's discuss.

While I wouldn't put Russell Wilson as the top quarterback or player in the NFL, there's a legitimate discussion for at least his inclusion inside the top 10. So while No. 1 is reaching, that's one of the more defensible players on the list.

Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald and Patrick Mahomes certainly belong where they are, though I might have those three as the first three off the board, but whatever. The lis isn't that bad so far — but then we get to No. 5.

George Kittle is a great ballplayer. But he is not anywhere approaching the fifth-best player in the National Football League, and I would argue he doesn't belong anywhere on this list. And some of that isn't even by any fault of his own, it's just that tight end is a less valuable position than some others on the field. And if you were going to include a tight end, Travis Kelce has the upper hand over Kittle anyway.

Jamal Adams and Ezekiel Elliott shouldn't be anywhere near this list either, but Mike Evans is where I have a serious problem. There is one wide receiver on this list and it's freaking Mike Evans? Every player on this list is a good football player and they all have fine statistics. But nobody of sound mind can look me in the eye and say they honestly believe Evans is a better receiver than Julio Jones or Michael Thomas. The stats don't compare and the eye test is even less kind.

Here's a list of the players left off this list, just to give some context for when you see all those players that you know are good and it doesn't seem that bad: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Khalil Mack, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and the list goes on. Colin's list stinks out loud.

Here is the correct list:

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Aaron Donald

3. Christian McCaffrey

4. Julio Jones

5. Michael Thomas

6. Khalil Mack

7. Matt Ryan

8. Russell Wilson

9. Drew Brees

10. Travis Kelce