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Nate's 2:00-3:00 Blog Of The Day - Answering Your Questions Rapid Fire

Welcome back to the 2pm blog. It's rainy and gross outside. A great time to go to the grocery store if you live in a city though. People hate leaving their house so if you live in NYC and your store is one in, one out, there's virtually no line when it's pouring like this. Definitely go if you can.

Also the Starbucks on my corner has re-opened for mobile pick up. I have a coffee maker and drink multiple cups a day because I love coffee, but I'll tell ya, a sip of Starbucks cold brew for the first time in 2 months was really, really awesome. I love it. This quarantine has saved me a ton of money on a bunch of things, Starbucks included. It's like- eating out, alcohol/bars, Uber, Starbucks. Maybe a couple other things but those are the main ones. Going to try to not make it a habit but we all know they put crack in their coffee so who knows.

So yeah. Rainy Tuesday, let's answer your questions from Twitter, rapid fire style. No backspacing allowed, just my brain to my fingertips, to my keyboard, to your screen:

Smitty's great. We've had our differences but we've also talked it through and are in a pretty good place right now. I consider him a friend and I would guess he would say the same. I fucked up and I've apologized and to be honest I don't know his exact thoughts on me or the matter but I think we're both in better places now because of it. 

Your Washington Redskins. 

This is a confusing question. Did we take them for granted? No, I don't think so. I knew how awesome going to eat was while doing it. I knew how much I enjoyed drinking at bars. Just because we miss it doesn't mean we took it for granted. It's just been so long. 

Haters (98% of the time who are too cowardly to put pictures of themself in their profile picture) have been saying dumb shit like this since the day I was hired. It's been 7 years, still here. All I do is work as hard as I can and do the best job I can. If I'm not your cup of tea, so be it. I'm not for everyone and I'm fine with that. I'm not going to pander or pretend to be something I'm not. Love me or hate me, that's up to you. Most people who "want Prez to fire me" cannot stand that I have this job and they don't. Kinda feels good in a twisted way, you know? I drive people that nuts. Suck it, haters.

That sort of attention? From the opposite sex? During a quarantine?! Sign me up!!!!

Matt Bellamy from MUSE.

That was fun. That was good. Thanks for reading. Love you much.