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We Have Reached The Point Of Quarantine Where The Knicks Think They Can Trade For A Star

We're on week 5 or some shit like that of quarantine. Part of me feels like we got past the insane part of it all and now this is just life as we know it. Which is why I'm a bit surprised that this is the time for this report to come out. Why would anything change now than a few weeks ago? Well I guess besides the Rudy Gobert/Donovan Mitchell relationship. 

But fuck outta here with this. Clem and I have both wrote blogs promising we won't buy the bait. But then again that was more for free agents. The real question is will we let ourselves get hurt when it comes to a report about the Knicks thinking they can trade for a disgruntled star? 

Why? Because I'm ready to get hurt again. I'd do anything to watch the Knicks lose games, only to win the last couple of weeks and go from the 2 spot in the draft hole to 8. I'm ready to believe that New York will do anything to bring home Donovan Mitchell (even if he sure seems untouchable). I'm ready to believe that there is going to be a disgruntled star the moment we get hoops back and look at photoshops. 

I will say this - the Knicks actually do have capital to trade. It's not the bullshit the Knicks had in the past. They have more picks than ever thanks to the Kristaps trade. Toss in young talent with Mitchell Robinson, RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox (I still believe, damnit), etc and a new front office that's willing to trade anyone and everyone and boom that's how you get in position for this. 

It's April and the Knicks think they can trade for a star. The more things change, the more shit stays the same.